by Paul Johnson,
Many of our aspiring triathletes have many questions as they enter the sport for the first time. How should you train? How much should you spend on equipment? What gear do you need? The final question is relatively straightforward.

The most important rule of triathlon clothing is to be comfortable. Do what works for you. The answer for a competitive Ironman might be different than for someone looking to finish their first mini-sprint. Regardless of the ultimate path you take with your triathlon clothing, remember that you need to be comfortable during training and racing. That is much more important than how much you spend or how you look.

Here are a few tips on tri gear.

  • On the swim, most swimmers will have triathlon shorts, goggles, and perhaps a wetsuit. Some triathletes will have a triathlon suit, or if you are female you may opt for a singlet top. The shorts, singlet, or triathlon suit are all worn beneath the wetsuit if you use one. Your swim cap is almost always provided by the race.
  • On the bike leg, you obviously need a bike. This can be a fancy triathlon bike, or the same mountain bike that you ride around the neighborhood. It is all a matter of what your goals are. You will need a helmet and eyewear. You may need bike shoes to go with your bike. As for clothing, if you used a triathlon suit or tri shorts and a singlet during swim, you just wear the same thing on the bike.
  • The run is pretty simple. You throw on some running shoes, take off your bike helmet, and you are off.

Of course, there could be many other things that you may want, depending on your preferences. You might wear a wearable to track your mileage, prefer to run with a running hat, etc. And as you can imagine, there is an infinite number of triathlon-specific products for the gear junkies out there. Just remember, you can actually keep it pretty simple and light.

Don’t let the gear involved in triathlon intimidate you! With just a little planning, you can be ready for race day. Here are a couple other sources of gear information from one of our Partners.